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With the desire of IoT in Asia growing in the small business sector, business owners still have many concerns when it comes to implementing new technology. One of the reasons why businesses are hesitant about installing IoT systems is the cost. Sometimes, the technology is complex, confusing and businesses are under-informed of the benefits of implementing IoT and new technology in their offices. With the following tech hacks and tips for small businesses, your business will prosper and be successful:

1-Overcome the hurdle of IoT complexity with the right research, training and documentation

The complexity of IoT and modern technology is often overwhelming for business owners and managers. Overcome the hurdles of integrating technology into your workload with the right training. When you are considering implementing a new technology, it is important that you read all the documentation and have the right training to use the systems. Use this checklist when deciding if the technology you are researching is right for your business:

  • Provides a service that your business needs
  • It is well documented
  • Cost-effective training available for you and employees
  • Options available to meet budget requirements
  • Includes responsive development team and tech support

2-The right design tools to make your business stand out in a crowd and prosper

Having the right design tools can help your business in different areas. There are easy-to-use tools for everything from creating simple web pages to making professional marketing videos. You want to have the right tools for the design needs of different departments of your business. Design technology tools that could benefit your business include:

  • Web page builders
  • Newsletter publishing and email marketing applications
  • Video production services and tools
  • Image editing and graphics tools

3- Taking advantage of social media groups by making your business socially active

Social media is important for modern businesses and marketing. These social media sites also have groups, which your business can take advantage of. Joining Facebook groups that have themes related to your business is a great way to promote growth. Be active on these groups and contribute to the conversations to create a better business image and brand. Things you can do to be more active in Facebook groups include:

  • Offer content and Information
  • Answer questions of group members
  • Contribute to conversation threads
  • Offer to help with group administration
  • Create your own business Facebook groups

4-Streamline your business’s online presence with the right tools for multi-tasking

Businesses have a lot to manage when it comes to an online presence. Your business may use cloud SaaS applications and have social media accounts on many websites. To make managing this technology practical, implement the right systems that will allow you to multi-task. For example, a custom web browser dashboard will allow you to manage multiple social media accounts easily. If you use cloud services for documents, an application to upload documents automatically to where they are needed can help streamline the process. A few tech tools to consider for streamlining work tasks include:

  • Social media dashboard with AI
  • AI bots for customers service and FAQ
  • Integrating Cloud Storage With SaaS Applications

5-Take advantage of free training online and offer employees opportunities to succeed

If your employees succeed, so will your business. Why not offer your employees free training and online courses? This is a great way to prepare for new technology and implementation of IoT systems. Businesses can take advantage of the many free training that is available online, which will help you save on training employees to use new technology that you implement in your business.

6-Outsource work tasks to cut costs and manage your business better

The IoT and new technology that you implement in your office often need IT professionals to manage it. There are many services and tasks that can be outsourced, which can help reduce overhead costs of your business and ensure you have the best, most well-trained professionals working on implementing the latest technology to streamline your business and improve workflow.

The right tech for your business is important to be competitive and prosper in modern markets. Consider implementing some of these tech hacks to manage your business better and improve growth without increasing your overhead or operating costs.

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